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Guide how to get "Điểm tặng"

đăng 03:05, 11 thg 9, 2012 bởi Tinh Kiem Tian Long Ba Bu   [ đã cập nhật 03:16, 11 thg 9, 2012 ]
Guide how to get "Điểm tặng".

Tin tức này chỉ dành cho người nước ngoài hoặc người Việt Nam ở nước ngoài không có điều kiện mua thẻ Gate, VTC, Mobi, Vina, Viettel.

Now we only accept payment through PAYPAL.


First : Go to this page  http://tinhkiem.us/ (Thiên Long Tình Kiếm's home page)

Then you can see a small box on the right-bottom of the page.

Second : Click donate to buy "Điểm tặng"

Third : If you don't have PayPal's account. You must fill a lot of infomation. So you should register a Paypal's account first.

Fill the price at "Donation amount" ->then click Update Total. And then login into your Paypal's account.

Then you just do follow the instructions of the website.

After received payments, we will check and add "Diem tang" to your character (please note username, char name and server's name when sending payment) 

"Diem tang" is only added when servers are in maintenance.

Our servers will be offline once or twice a day for maintenance.

Thanks for your donation.


Please contact [email protected] for more information